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  • Enjoy Your Family Vacation ‘No Matter What’

    For the most part, a family vacation is filled with excitement and happiness. However it can also cause a level of stress when things don’t go according plan or simply the dynamics of being together 24/7 in a new environment. Rather than let your mood and vacation spirit change according to circumstances you can get intentional and make a plan to get the most out of it whatever may arise. Recently I started listening to the…

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  • Do you want to be a hot-bikini-Mama for your 2014 vacation? I do.

    The beach is an obligatory, and arguably the best, part of a vacation in the Caribbean. As island dwellers a beach trip is part of our weekly lifestyle. Soaking up the sun and splashing in the sea with my kids is definitely one of my favourite leisure activities. Here we can be free, bond through building sandcastles, run around and make noise, meet up with friends or make new ones. As the Kids Caribbean Instagram pic…

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  • The Joys of Chilling by the Pool

    With each Caribbean island surrounded by the sea (well of course; that is the definition of an island), it would seem counterintuitive to spend any length of time by the pool on your Caribbean vacation right? Well no. Most resorts are built around a pool as the central feature with some resorts such as Atlantis and Beaches creating mega water parks for families to enjoy. Being poolside offers easy access to snacks and drinks. Swimming pools…

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  • Kids Caribbean Travels for 2014

    I have a really good feeling about 2014! While each New Year can be an exciting time of looking back, planning ahead and being present in the now, this one just feels extra special. How about you – are you feeling it? I’m not so much into setting resolutions specifically for the New Year but I love to make positive plans at any time so this January seems the perfect time to declare my intention to…

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  • A Vacation to Remember – 7 Ways for Kids to Document their Travels

    I’m pleased to introduce a guest post written by Ashley Ryan.  After traveling all around North America and parts of Europe, Ashley  has developed a passion for seeing the world and documenting her travels. She recently started her own blog Under the Sun                                                                                        ******************** A Vacation to Remember – 7 Ways for Kids to Document their Travels Endless excitement surrounds each and every vacation children take. On your return, they often spend the following weeks…

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  • Travel Tuesday Photo: New Friends on the Beach

    I love how children make friends so quickly when they are out. Give them 5 minutes on the beach and they have usually made friends with another child of similar age. Here my son became the designated ‘water-goalkeeper’ who had to rescue the ball each time it went in the sea! Travel Tuesday Photo from Kids Caribbean! Isn't it great how easily kids make friends whilst traveling? #familytravel — Kids Caribbean (@KidsCaribbean) December 17, 2013

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